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The quality of products and services is a major competitive differentiator. Quality assurance helps us manufacture and transport goods

that are defect-free and fulfil the demands and expectations of our consumers worldwide. We make sure that customers who consume

ceramic products from us be satisfied with the quality, which may lead to customer loyalty, repeat purchases, upsell, and advocacy.

To ensure the customer satisfaction and product quality from raw material to finished product we perform following tests and inspections.

Sample Matching Inspection:

Sample matching inspection is a necessary stage before to the manufacturing process, commencing with a physical inspection of a trial or developed product sample prior to production to discover any problems prior to mass production.

During the sample checking process, we make sure that the physical parameters of the product, such as size, surface, and functional characteristics, should be verified against the Master, design documents, ensuring the quality of the sample meets specified requirements in order to avoid quality problems during our manufacturing process, as well as the reliability and consistency of the manufacturing process and our final product.

During the Manufacturing Inspection:

During the Manufacturing of fine ceramic products, During Production Inspection (DPI) is taken. DPI is an inspection service performed when 10-15% of units are produced.

During the manufacturing process, to guarantee that the items are produced in accordance with the authorised requirements. This permits us to remedy any problems throughout the subsequent manufacturing process.

Pre-Shipment Inspection:

The Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) is a service that inspects our products before they are sent to the buyer or packaged on a pallet. It is one of the most crucial processes in the quality assurance process and the most effective means of inspecting items before they are distributed to buyers.

Essence Tiles guarantees that the finished product meets the buyer's standards and is of high quality. It is performed on the final batch of products in accordance with standard Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL) criteria and comprises a thorough assessment of the items, package, and packaging material.

Palletizing witnessing Inspection:

Palletizing witnessing inspection is the activity of inspecting final products and materials that have been palletized for shipping to ensure that they are securely fastened and protected from harm.

Palletizing witnessing inspection is a thorough evaluation of the items and materials, including the wood used to construct pallets for transportation.

At Essence we thoroughly check the palletized items and supplies, as well as the pallets themselves. The inspection report will contain images and a full analysis of the items and materials.

Container Loading Inspection:

Container Loading Inspections verify that our completed goods are appropriately packed and handled when loaded into containers to ensure safe transit and delivery to the ultimate destination in accordance with international standards. This service is critical for preventing damage while delivery.

Container Loading Inspections entail a thorough assessment of the goods and materials being loaded into containers. We thoroughly check the items and ensure that the container is in good shape, clean, appropriately fumigated, and sealed.

Product Testing

Product testing assists us in developing goods that are trustworthy within specific technical parameters. In other words, testing is a vital step for our product development teams to do in order to deliver high-quality, long-lasting goods. Most significantly, product testing may confirm that a product is fit for widespread usage.

Tests conducted before, during and after production

  • - Dimensions and surface quality testing
  • - Water absorption testing
  • - Modulus of rupture/breaking strength testing
  • - Impact resistance testing
  • - Deep abrasion testing
  • - Surface abrasion testing
  • - Thermal expansion testing
  • - Thermal shock resistance testing
  • - Moisture expansion testing
  • - Crazing resistance testing
  • - Frost resistance testing
  • - Chemical resistance testing
  • - Stain resistance testing